Design Services


Space Planning- Services include furniture, equipment and cabinetry layouts.
Casework Design- Design and details for interior casework, trim and built in furnishings.
Color and Finish selection and Specification- Selection and specification of interior finishes, materials and colors.
Fixture and Equipment Specification- Selection and specification of lighting, plumbing fixtures, Kitchen equipment and hardware.


Floor Plans- Dimensioned plans showing building layout, door, window and equipment placement and details for construction.
Exterior Elevations, Building Sections and Rood Plans- Building elevations and sections showing exterior details and materials.
Electrical, Lighting and Reflected Ceiling Plans- Plans for electrical and lighting locations and special ceiling details.
Site Plans- Plan reflecting lot size, building location and setback requirements.
Outline Specifications and Pricing Packages- General details and information based on project requirements outlining scope of construction, finishes and materials for contractor preliminary pricing and bidding.